Posthotel Rössli 1880

Zoom: Das Posthotel Rössli um 1880


Posthotel Rössli – the most traditional and oldest Hotel in the middle of town! This building was built approximately in 1823 and bought by Bendicht Steffen in 1844. It first opened in 1845 as a guesthouse. Back then it also was used as as a post office. By the way, the Rössli-Hotel is the oldest hotel in town. Since 1922, our family owns the establishment, and today we are proud to be the fourth generation, managing the Posthotel Rössli.

Family Widmer

1922 - 1944: Erwin and Anna Ammon-Hofer
1944 - 1974: Max and Süsi Widmer-Ammon
1974 - 1989: Rudi and Erika Widmer-Perreten
1989 - 2011: Rudi and Eliane Widmer-Spätig
  since 2011: Conroy and Nadja Widmer & Lars Widmer

Exterior view today

Zoom: Das Posthotel Rössli heute